How to Get Jacked  

By Joe Holden

The guys at my gym are cool enough dudes, but, physique-wise, they're total AVERAGE JOES. I mean, it looks like they're following a perpetual "maintenance program." Day after day, I see these jokers every Monday through Friday at 6 a.m., and they look exactly the same as they did six months ago.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't even give a crap — if you want to screw around and chat it up in the gym, go for it — but here's the problem: A bunch of them gave me a LOAD of $h#t after I told them I was "test driving" a new hardcore Russian anabolic protein powder that's lighting up the underground sports nutrition blogosphere. It caught fire after elite-level MMA fighters started using it in the wake of the recent ban by state athletic commissions of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy).

SwoleThese jolly-faced jerkwads at my gym had a "field day" at my expense when I told them about it. According to these booger-eaters, supplements just cause expensive urine.

Anyway, who am I going to trust — the "supplement experts" at my gym or these MMA fighters? (That's a rhetorical question). Obviously, I decided to give this Russian powder a test drive for myself and report on my gains.

Now, I've tried a ton of supplements before. Some of them worked okay. And some, like my first time loading with creatine, really blew me away. But NOTHING has ever worked as well or as "Usain Bolt fast" for me as this hardcore protein powder called "Монстр Микс" (Russian for Monster Mix).

Listen: In just the first 11 days on this stuff, my bodyweight shot up a "freaky" 8 pounds. And... I was getting contest hard. My strength was also on fire. Bench... up 25 pounds. Squat... up 40 pounds. Military press... up 20 pounds... in just 11 short days.

Talk about shutting up the turds at the gym. You should have seen their fat faces when I took off the bulky sweatshirt I'd been wearing the past month to give these guys front-row seats to the GUN SHOW. Granted, as you can see from my before photo above, I was already in "okay shape" (baby-butt soft but lean) -- HOWEVER, nothing has accelerated my gains like Russian Monster Mix.

Here's my results after 31 days:

  • My bodyfat went from 7.6% to a rock-hard 4.3%.  
  • My weight exploded from 185 pounds to 205.  
  • My squat went up an incredible 85 pounds.  

YolkedNot bad for a drug-free (and legal) cycle! In all, I gained 20 pounds of lean muscle while actually halving my bodyfat percentage. I've never been able to actually gain muscle while burning fat before. And best of all, it took only 31 short days for the "metamorphosis" to happen.

Now maybe you're asking, just what is Monster Mix? It's a new hardcore steroid substitute with 17 proven anabolic adaptogenic compounds mixed with micro-filtered whey protein in powder form.

The cornerstone of this formula is an Asian tree root extract called Tongkat Ali -- it's been shown in 2 recent studies (one from 2013 and the other from this year) to safely boost testosterone levels by over 30% in men within 28 days). In fact, it was just featured in an hour-long special on Fox News as the most potent, natural testosterone booster identified today.Click here for a link to the episode on FOX NEWS..

Anyway, I'm not the only one who thinks this hardcore Russian protein powder is potent. Just listen to the comments of other bodybuilders who have used the stack as well.

"Monster Mix is simply amazing!! In just the first 14 days, I added a solid inch to my arms. And, in only 10 short weeks I packed on a whopping 23 pounds of lean body mass!" —Chis Muriel, Montevallo, Alabama

"16 pounds gained and my bodyfat went from 8.9 to 6.4%! All my friends and family can't believe my amazing transformation!" —Josh Shaw, Greensboro, NC

Instead of just wasting your time trying to get in the best shape of your life — like the lard asses at my gym (I can't wait until they read this blog) — I urge you to throw down the purse and "take it to the next level" with this new anabolic protein powder.

Here's how easy it is to get started. I got permission from the company to give readers of my blog a $10.00 Off Coupon for Russian Monster Mix. That comes out to just $57 a tub. You'd spend more than that on a Friday night at the bar. Use the coupon code below to get started, and let me know how it works for you! I'm told the code is only good till the end of the day April 15, 2014, so don't procrastinate and get your tub now -- I know you won't regret it!

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